About Us

We are community members and community builders. We are your neighbors, sharing the burdens and successes that affect Minnesota’s residential living providers, facilities, and residents. We strive to bring about positive change and improve outcomes for us all.

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RPAMN Works for You

We are a movement for collective action to effect change at the local, regional, and state levels. We are self-organized, and encourage our members to contribute by standing together, taking responsibility, and being actionable for our collective benefit.

Assisted Living Help
Assisted Living Help

We are dedicated to informing, educating, and advocating for residential providers serving individuals in the mental health, disability, and elderly communities.



We formed RPAMN, a 501c6 nonprofit, to advocate for and represent small, residential living providers in Minnesota. Lacking consistency across counties, decreasing rate structures and lack of transparency, constantly changing rules, plus difficult competitive wage standards with increasing expectations due to the pandemic, Minnesota Department of Health and the Department of Homeland Security practices have made it overwhelmingly difficult for small providers to be successful.

Lack of inclusion in planning and policy-making related to customized living providers

Predatory practices by DHS especially lack of representation for residential and minority providers

Customized Living (CL) Providers are challenged and harassed by Case Managers

Relationship building with MDH and DHS


Achievement Goals

for all concerned residential providers of customized living_Resized.jpg

Traction in our cause to highlight how these newly implemented changes negatively impact our businesses and the clients we serve in the community.

Additionally, to challenge the concept that we as providers do not fit the requirements or label of an Assisted Living Facility.

To unite providers and continue to work with legislators and lobbyists. We are at the forefront of communication with DHS and MDH to move our concerns forward and have them addressed.


Our Mission And Vision

Business Discussions


To provide a platform for residential assisted living providers to come together as a union to facilitate positive outcomes for the community. Furthermore, we strive to create a meaningful impact, fostering alliance, advocacy, and leadership.


To have a community association where all residential providers can inspire, support, and achieve successes as a united front.


Member Service

Identifies concerns and gathers data on the issues affecting small customized living providers.


Provides financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organization’s budget.


Plans and implements marketing, outreach, member recruitment, and public relations.


Collects data and strategizes to ensure compliance for provider members.


Develops technological solutions for the association and its members.


Provides public policy oversight and addresses changes in state and federal laws, rules, and interpretations as well as establishes relationships with lawmakers.


Participate! Because Together We are Strong

RPAMN is moving quickly. We are intentional and we are ready to create positive change. As we gain momentum, the “power of many” will propel our efforts to the forefront. Stay tuned for meetings and congregations--opportunities to be heard and create influence on the important issues residential living providers face in this ever-changing landscape.

No upcoming events at the moment