If we don’t advocate for ourselves, nobody else will.

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Our Goal

We can elevate our voices and our power--with 100 members strong by April 2022.


Budget And Finances

As a non-profit organization, we seek to responsibly and equitably raise funds to accomplish our mission through membership and contributions.

Standing United

Legal Fees

Lobbyist and legal representation.

Operational & Administrative Fees

Marketing, website, outreach, fundraising, events, and staffing as necessary.

Political Contributions

Campaign support for legislators, attorneys general, and commissioners who support us.


Register & Support The Cause

RPAMN is dedicated to improving the experiences of all residential providers and we cannot do this without the support of our community. Please consider joining us as an ally and support our efforts by contributing what you can.

Annual Option



$2500 Paid one time a year 

Bi-Annual Option



$2500 Split into two payments 6 months apart 

Quarterly Option



$2500 Split quarterly (4 months apart) 

Monthly Option



$2500 Split monthly rounded up 


Participate! Because Together We are Strong

RPAMN is moving quickly. We are intentional and we are ready to create positive change. As we gain momentum, the “power of many” will propel our efforts to the forefront. Stay tuned for meetings and congregations--opportunities to be heard and create influence on the important issues residential living providers face in this ever-changing landscape.

No upcoming events at the moment