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Standing together, defending our collective interests

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Current Landscape

Changes to our business framework have and will negatively impact us.


Change of Licensure

  • Converted from HWS to Assisted Living

Commercial Kitchen

Assisted Living Licensure (MDH)

  • Grandfathering

  • Structural Designs (Commercial Kitchen, Food Code)

  • Pathway of Relocation (MDH & DHS)(systemic discrimination)


Legislative Issues (MnDHS)

  • Single-family home exemption and laws restricting CADI/BI customized living for people over 55+ in 2021

  • Rate Issues DHS/County Specific

  • Case Mix (implemented January 2022 and upon renewals of Service Agreements)

  • Case Manager/County Assessor issues

  • MnCHOICES Assessment


Work Plan

We will remain fluid and nimble in order to tackle the challenges that arise with ever-changing landscapes affecting customized living businesses.


Working to make changes to legislation affecting waiver residential providers


Building relationships with lawmakers and other stakeholders


Ensuring accessability and distribution of resources

Current Landscape
Work Plan
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Our Motivation and Justification

Together we are stronger. Our role is to help shape the story and narrative of who we are, as well as the community that we represent and serve.

Recent policy changes have negatively impacted our facilities and our clients. We have been subjected to abide by certain rules and regulations that are far and beyond the capabilities of small home providers.

There are serious concerns around unfair treatment against small customized living providers as well as lack of transparency and representation.

We need for all providers to come together as a union to help put forth our issues and our concerns, to achieve success in order to continue and maintain our small customized living businesses.

We need providers to mobilize, raise awareness and also assist in raising the funds to have these goals accomplished.

What may not be an issue for you today or a cause of concern may very well likely be one for you tomorrow.


Participate! Because Together We are Strong

RPAMN is moving quickly. We are intentional and we are ready to create positive change. As we gain momentum, the “power of many” will propel our efforts to the forefront. Stay tuned for meetings and congregations--opportunities to be heard and create influence on the important issues residential living providers face in this ever-changing landscape.

No upcoming events at the moment
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